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Yermo, California Photos and Information



yermo photos

Yermo, California is located in the Mojave Desert with its name derived from the Spanish word for desert.


Located near Barstow between Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California, Yermo features Calico Ghost Town, a field where pistachio nuts are sold and was the filming location for the movie, "The Hulk".


Yermo's Calico Ghost Town is approximately 10 miles north of Barstow near Interstate Highway 15. The Old West town was re-created from a mix of original buildings over 100 years old and structures created in the style of original properties. Silver mining caused Calico to boom from 1881 to 1896. The mines produced more than $13 million dollars before the falling price of silver forced the mines to close in 1895.


Dedicated to the memory of Walter Knott, founder of Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, the California pioneer worked at the Calico Mine in his youth..  In later years the entrepreneur created a legacy through efforts to maintain historical information and relics of the California Gold Rush. For more information about special events, daily admission and fun happenings, visit,


Calico Ghost Town Map



Yermo has a hotel you can book, but Barstow offers a whole lot more in the way of hotel options. There are around 16 hotels in Barstow.