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Wyland Art - Artist Gallery in Laguna Beach  


Wyland, whose name begins with "w", is an artist from Laguna Beach who likes whales. Whales are one of his favorite subjects and he has paid tribute to them on a massive scale, unlike any other human on the planet. 


 While we've not had the opportunity to meet and interview Wyland, we spoke with his PR department. Wyland picks and chooses his projects to best utilize limited time, but what we've wanted to know is his connection with the sea. Dubbed, Artist of the Sea, Wyland is not shy about his commitment to ecology. Impacting California's interest in whales through images and education, there are now many California whale watching tours, with some may possibly born out of inspiration from kids and adults who have noticed these murals at California beaches.


"We have reached a point of globalization in which everything we do affects someone, or something, else. Call it the age of interconnectedness. And nothing symbolizes our dependence upon one another more than the interconnected state of our planet's water." - Wyland.


Wyland is known around the globe for his Whaling Walls and for his commercial success selling oceanic-themed art. Sculptures, paintings, prints, collectibles and even a California license plate promote conservation themes in a tribute to the giants of the sea, as well as dolphins and other sea creatures..  An accomplished painter, sculptor, photographer, writer, and scuba diver, he has traveled around the world for more than 25 years, documenting and interpreting the ocean. While his commercial success has financed his nonprofit efforts, giving back to the community is something Wyland excels at.  Wyland's famous whale tail license plate has raised over $7 million for coastal conservation in California alone, providing one example of his ability to do things on a large scale, much like his friends, the whales.

Wyland's Whaling Wall mural project—a series of more than 90 life-size marine murals that spans 12 nations on four continents and is viewed by an estimated 1 billion people annually, is a campaign to promote conservation. In California, some spectacular Whaling Walls can be viewed as you travel from San Diego to Long Beach, Redondo Beach to San Francisco.  If you are not aware of Wyland's Whaling Walls, coming upon one of these massive paintings can be a huge, delightful surprise. Perhaps the most spectacular example sits in the Long Beach Harbor at the Long Beach Arena.


The Marine Michelangelo has galleries throughout the United States, and has hosted Wyland's Ocean World on the Discovery Channel's Animal Planet and Wyland: Visions of the Sea on Animal Planet.

To meet Wyland, you have to keep up on his schedule.  Wyland often attracts media interest during his appearancesyou can't help but notice when he's out painting one of his works on building. The event usually includes student participation from local schools so that kids can grasp the scale of these oceanic mammals as they are given a brush and some paint to add to a huge whaling wall. It would be quite an honor to drive by a Guinness World Record mural and be able to see that you helped make that, even if only with a few strokes of a brush. That's the kind of vesting Wyland is so good at and why his so successful in his odyssey to honor the sea.