Woodley Island, Eureka, California

Woodley Island is a tantalizing land form visible from the city of Humboldt's waterfront. The very small island contains Woodley Island Marina, Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District U.S. Coast Guard and Corps of Engineers offices, Cafe Marina with fantastic food served indoors or on the sunny patio, W.I. Ship Shop, Celtic Charter Service, Baysail Tours and Hum-Boats Rentals.


In addition to the marina activities and recreation, the island is home to a locally-known landmark statue called The Fisherman, plus Table Bluff Lighthouse dating from 1892.

As you drive to Woodley Island (though a kiosk announces there's a water taxi that we did not see), you'll find ample parking so you can get out and wander along the waterfront on a great paved walking path. If exercise is not your thing, visit the all-purpose store called W.I. Ship Shop that sells souvenir gifts and lots of useful items locals need when they depart from the marina for fishing trips.


You can't escape the aroma of fresh, cooked fish as you stroll near the door of the nautical-themed restaurants, Cafe Marina, a great place to have a casual waterfront meal. If you're on your way to nearby Samoa Cookhouse, however, you better hold off because the cookhouse has served lumberjack-style (big) meals for over 100 years and will be more than enough food to fill you up.


While on Woodley Island, one of the highlights is a statue called The Fisherman. The statue honors those "whom the sea sustained...and those it claimed." The statue was sponsored by the Commercial Fishermens Wives of Humboldt through community donations. It was dedicated in 1981.


Another dedication held to commemorate the Massacre of Wiyot native Americans on the west end of Woodley Island in what's called "Indian Island" is held annually in February. Come rain or shine, folks from the community light a fire and candles are subsequently lit symbolically from the first fire as prayer and song, poems and other tributes are performed. In May of 2004, The Eureka City Council voted unanimously to return 40 acres, comprising the northeastern tip of Indian Island to the Wiyot Tribe. 140 years after a momentous massacre that took the lives of many natives, this World Renewal Ceremony offers the first step in efforts to restore to the island to a Wiyot tribal ground. Over 500 Wiyot people attend the annual Candelight Vigil, and invite the entire community and visitors to attend.

Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District U.S. Coast Guard Corps of Engineers Cafe Marina W.I. Ship Shop Celtic Charter Service

Woodley Island Marina plaque commemorates the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District 1981 dedication of the marina. Engineers on the project were Winzler and Kelly.

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For information about Woodley Island in Eureka, California and Humboldt County, home of the giant redwood trees, contact the Humboldt County Convention and Visitors Bureau, at 800-346-2482.