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California Dining Cuisine

Wine Country - Napa

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California Wine



California  Wineries  


Vineyards dot Central Coast hillsides & valleys.  Stop to taste local offerings such as the Muscat Canelli, available at Edna Vineyards. A demonstration center (above) shows the progression of grape and vine growth as applied to wine production. A beautiful, new tasting room with a gift shop and special seasonal events keep guests returning.  


There are over 400 California wineries and many of them  export to 165 markets worldwide. The U.S. ranks as the fourth leading wine producer in the world with the  United Kingdom #1 consumer of California wines internationally. 


See full list of California Wineries  

Increased winery marketing efforts and consistent vintages have generated interest in California's growth industry.   


Annual wine consumption in gallons, per capita: 

 1.  France.............15.85 
 2.  Italy.................15.68 
 3.  Portugal............15.44 
4.   Luxembourg.....13.31  
30. United States.....1.9 


   Photos ©Debbie Stock  

  The posted sign (right) directs travelers to wineries located off California Highway 101 near the cities of Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo.  

As you travel north a few miles beyond Santa Maria, you'll see Laetetia Vineyard on the right hand side of the road.  Turn in the gate which is open during business hours and drive up the hill to the wine tasting room.  Picnic tables allow guests to sit outside and enjoy a breathtaking view of the hills and highway.  There you can obtain maps and directions for the rest of your tasting tour. 

As for prices, you sometimes can find the same wines sold in local grocery stores for a similar price or even less. If you are a member of Costco, stop at the one visible off Highway 101 in Santa Maria to check out their local inventory and prices. Costco annual membership is around $40. BUT, if you like something and are just passing through, don't count on it being available outside the vineyard. 


    The hillside tree above is located at Corbett Canyon Winery, a gorgeous place but not always open to the public, unfortunately. 

    Be forewarned that California has stiff penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol. A designated driver system for wine tasting and touring is essential. There are numerous wine coach buses available, especially in Napa wine region.