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White Roses Photo - Rose Arrangement at Event Function




White Rose Photo - White Rose Meaning -- Nothing is more special and sets the mood for events than flowers and that's why flower gardens make perfect wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate and event venues.


There are many shades of white roses, as there are interpretations as to what white roses represent. In the photo above we took a picture of a white rose bouquet that sat on the tables of a dinner event  we attended. With the evening, golden glow of some white wines, the flowers looks especially nice in contrast to the darker tones.


While the white rose has held special meaning even to countries such as England over 500 years ago when it was used as the symbol of the House of York, current appreciation of this delicate flower that's especially natural looking and contrasts well with other flowers is said to take on meaning such as purity and innocence. The Mystical Rose of Heaven (the white rose) once also represented the Virgin Mary, while today it is mostly enjoyed without a lot of intrinsic meaning.


Florists do an especially good job of assigning meaning to flowers, however, and some of the attributes reportedly assigned to this flower include  reverence and humility,  secrecy and silence, innocence, purity and heavenly. When buying white long stemmed roses, we surfed the Internet and discovered prices fluctuate greatly.  You can pay up to several dollars for a single stem white rose, or we found a deal at Sam's Club online where they were selling a 50/50 mix of long stemmed whites and long stemmed pink roses for $75.  They recommended brides think about the cost savings for weddings.


While the interpreters of rose colors tell us the lovely flower represents things young, pure and innocent, beware as beauty fades fast. Poor, withered flowers, the white roses die and if you give them as gifts on the down side of a quick life,  you may be sending a message that the recipient's beauty is fleeting and the person made no impression on you. Ouch!








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