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Huntington Beach Pier Entertainment Video - Street Performers





While all ages soak up the rays of a Southern California day, the hip hop, funky and impromptu beach scenes are what captivate teens to adults. One Friday afternoon several street artists threw out a mat on the cement of the Huntington Beach Pier, turned on their tunes and began performing dance and acrobatic stunts for the crowd.


Instantly gathering to watch was a group of 100 or so people, clapped to the music and movements of the talented performers. With a theme of ethnic diversity, the group introduced itself as representing various ethnicities and cultures.


Wearing red bandanas and black shirts, the young performers sported muscular physiques and agile movements as they danced, twisted, flipped and jumped over one another in stunts that had the crowd cheering and moving to the beat.


Typical of the beach scene in Southern and Northern California, you never know what to expect when you arrive at the beach. You can't predict what type of entertainment will come out to put on a show, and that's all the better, of course. If you're seeking maximum thrills and excitement, your best bet for craziness in Huntington Beach is during several days of the US Open of Surfing, held each year in later July and sometimes early August.


But on most summer (June - August) days, you may be surprised to discover the entertainment and talent that surrounds you at the California beaches.


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