Video San Clemente Beach Swings and Playgrounds





Kids have it pretty good in San Clemente, as seen in the video above. Not only can their parents take them to the beach to swing, they also have the waves for surfing, and we've seen toddlers age four surfing near the shore.


California kids beaches include San Clemente. This vacation destination offers parents with children an ideal place to swing the kids during a warm, sunny day or cool evening. San Clemente really is a family vacation spot. Itt's location between Disneyland and Legoland makes it a superb choice for holidays and family vacations.


The video of San Clemente beaches shows kids swinging at the beach, right on the sand.  On both sides of the San Clemente Pier there are swings for children. Visit on a summer day to see a mass of families with toddlers. The large number of families clearly shows this to be one of the premier family vacation spots in Orange County, California.


What makes this Orange County beach so popular a play spot for kids is the sand. A trend in the taming of the playground for legal and safety concerns has yielded interesting results recently. Safe swing designs lower to the ground simply do not move as fast or as high, and are not as much fun. In Europe the trend was observed that children abandoned the safe playgrounds and began playing in empty lots with dirt. The safe designs of playgrounds just became too boring for children--a bit of overkill by zealous schools, municipalities and legal consulting firms.


This is one reason we believe the beach swings are so much fun for kids. They combine the element of the waves in motion, the sand to expanses to explore and the old-fashion metal post-swing sets. Many of the California beaches that have them have kept them from an earlier era and simply maintained the swings that kids seem to prefer.


At San Clemente Beaches, there are swings sets on both sides of the pier.  This beach community loves its play, its surfing and its kids.



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