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Goofyfoots Band at Huntington Beach California Surfing Museum



The Goofyfoots rock the International crowd on Sufin' Sundays.


Story, photos & video submitted by: Chris MacDonald



Huntington Beach, Calif..―Surfing Bands are part of the local HB scene. Check them out for FREE!!!



The Goofyfoots are one of the great surfing bands from California that have appeared in concerts and the beach. At the event shown, the Goofyfoots were greeted by Orange County residents to an outdoor summer concert where they played next to the Hunting Beach Surfing Museum.


In this video we listen to a drum set that really rocks. There are many videos of the Goofyfoots on the Internet, but very little information about the band and members, themselves. Like many surfing bands, these guys are talented and what they do, and many come simply to share the passion for this type of music that's fun to perform, and bring a smile to audiences who listen to the songs with a beat. These are songs that will get you our of your seat to dance.



  Goofyfoots in concert, Huntington Beach, CA  


If you ever make it to Huntington Beach for a family vacation or a weekend getaway, drop by most Sundays during the summer at 411 Olive in downtown Huntington Beach to watch the surfing bands play. Linda Miller lines up the talent and does an excellent job of providing a strong schedule of spring, summer and fall concerts for tourists and local HB residents to listen to. When you attend a concert, you'll usually see Linda dance a set or two with her husband, John. Some days people get up dance throughout the concerts and other days everyone grabs a chair in the shade and just watches and listens. It really is great fun to see the Goofyfoots perform, and they do so most every year. for updated calendar, check or


Where to eat: When soaking up a surfing museum concert in Huntington Beach, there are several casual beach favorite restaurants that say "surfing." One is Longboard Pub just around the corner from the museum.  The other is our downtown HB Italian fave, Luggatti's. In all honesty, most restaurants are good and offer everything from tacos to cobbs, Greek to Mexican. Hot dogs are the cheapest meal you'll find, and steak or sushi will be the most expensive. The highest  cost restaurant for fine dining is the Hyatt hotel's Californian. The cheapest is the Pacific Coast Hotdogs.


Where to stay: The cheapest hotel near the concert is Best Western Huntington Beach Inn and the most expensive is the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa.