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Butterfly Park in Huntington Beach near Meadowlark Golf Club


Butterfly Park across the street (Graham) from the public golf course, Meadowlark Golf Club, was a thicket of trees so dense that hardly any light shone through their branches.  That was before the Australian tortoise beetle chewed, gnawed and sucked them dry, killing them.

The thickest forest in Huntington Beach was a either the Butterfly Park, officially known as Norma Brandel Gibbs Park, or the dense growth at Central Park behind the Park Bench Cafe.  Beetles sucked the life out of the trees in both parks, requiring the city to remove them, and replace them, so some citizens hope. 


Among the concerned populace is Huntington Beach Tree Society president Jean Nagy. Once a school teacher, and a Realtor, youu'll find her hand and good works noticeable throughout the city. If you have a tree question, you can call the city Public Works division, or for a second opinion, you can call Nagy, whose goal is to plant the right types of trees in the local environment.


Nagy was one of several people called in during the planning stages of removal of the trees at the location shown in the video above. The video shows the forest after the removal occurred. Once recognized as a grove used by migrating Monarch butterflies, concerns about the replanting of trees have caused Nagy and others to spring into action, seeking funding for replenishing the groves with new plantings.


The park is at the top of a hill connected to grassy lawns and a kids park below, built as part of the greens area serving the public and new homes that were built at the old Meadowlark Airport property. The airport once served the community as a small craft airport, but was shut down, making way for a shopping center and houses.