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Bicycles for Baja Christmas Event Longboard Crew


Bicycles for Baja California Christmas event is an annual fund-raising effort to round up used bicycles and youth sports equipment for kids in Baja Mexico.


The surfing is great in Baja California. When world famous surf patriarch, Blackie August, took his kids to Baja to surf as youngsters, they spread goodwill during their journeys. The August boys (including renown board shaper, Robert August,) were instructed to leave their bicycles with the local kids as gifts, and provide a surfing lesson, as well. 


In honor of Blackie August, "Blackie's Bicycles for Baja" has become an annual fund-raising event adopted by the Huntington Beach Longboard Crew, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the sport of longboard surfing. 


The club's annual bicycle give-away has become a tradition and hit among the girls and boys who live south of San Diego in Erindira and Colenet (Quatro Casas), Mexico, as well.


"The kids' eyes light up when they see us arrive," said Bruce Walczyk, HB Longboard Crew vice president. "Sometimes the children will trade in last year's model for a newer or larger bicycle." Walczyk, an avid surfer, said club members spend about a month rounding up the bikes and cleaning them up for delivery before Christmas.  Several trucks are then filled with the like-new bikes and donated youth sporting equipment, which is driven across the border to several towns in Baja. There is much fanfare when the trucks arrive in each village--eager kids wait their turn to pick out a bicycle and ride it home.


The public is invited to donate bicycles, tricycles and youth sporting equipment such as soccer or basketballs that are in good shape (no junk, please!!!)  The bikes are cleaned up, given new tires, chains and any minor fixes as needed.


If you would like to donate a bike, you have till Saturday, December 8, 2007.  Are you handy? If so, please join the big bike "fix-it" party at 11 a.m. that day. For details, call "Wally" Bruce Walczyk at (714) 848-0800 to drop off a "running" bicycle at 8306 Rolf Circle, Huntington Beach, CA.


You may also donate cash to help pay for the repair tires and chains, or gas for the trucks the HB Longboard Crew rounds up for the drive to Baja Mexico. (Contributions are tax deductible.) Throughout the year, you can visit the Longboard Crew web site at and join the organization, even if you are not a surfer.



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