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A & F Country Market Ventura - Produce Market

A & F Country Market, 4550 Olivas Park Dr. Ventura, CA 93003 Call: (805) 644-5470. Open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (except Thanksgiving and Christmas)

California Dining

On other web pages we've discussed the pumpkin patch in Ventura, and Certified Farmers Markets in Ventura and California, but one of the greatest finds that's right in front of you on Highway 101 as you buzz by at 65 miles per hour is A & F Country Market in Ventura.


If you're looking for farm to market produce without the middle man, if you're on the road heading to Grandma's house and need some cut flowers or if you taking a distance journey on the scenic highway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, you are just a road stop from some of the freshest fruits, vegetables, gourmet sauces, honey and other treats that you simply can't find in the big city in your daily routine.


Two brothers, Anthony and Frank (A & F), own the produce business. With background as a produce manager for Von's, Anthony teamed up with his bro to form the roadside business that sells out-of-this-world fresh items.


Scouring their sources for seasonal and year-round offerings, Frank told us the strawberries are becoming a year-round pleaser that places such as Oxnard are famous for.  "There are only a few months out of the year you can't get them," Frank said. Late July to September and December to February are slim pickings. But during the time those fruits play out, go for the delicious fall apples, Asian apples and naval oranges.  Peaches, plums and nectarines disappear right around the pumpkin and squash season when apples are king, so the A & F boys bring in the stuff that makes hearty soups...celery, broccoli and other in-season foods.


If you're picky and prefer quality, you'll find farm direct produce, locally grown honey and only the freshest in-season fruits, vegetables and cut flowers at this barn-red building on the west side of Highway 101 just a mile from the Ventura Harbor in Ventura, California.


"We're not wealthy in this family run business, and we each work six days a week," said Frank, but we like working for ourselves and our quality reflects our philosophy. If you have any questions about what's in season at our store, just call us!"