Venedita Beach in Santa Barbara County


This is one of those "off the chart" places we find incredibly interesting, but can't find any information about on any map, or by asking various people who live along Santa Barbara coast. There were a couple surfers here and the fisherman along this beautiful stretch of California Central Coast between Santa Barbara and Gaviota.


If we tried to find the spot again, we'd guess it's along an area of the southbound lane of Highway 101 where there's a dusty, dirt patch near a the visible railroad track. 



A sign that was about to fall over said "Venedita Beach." It could have been pretty old but who knows. We thought this was such a great little spot that we're hoping some surfers or fishermen might drop a line and fill us in on this place. Most of them won't because they like to keep their haunts secret.  That's how it is in California. Beaches can be in plain view, yet barely used.  As you can see from the photo, there's no beach to speak of here. It's rocky and rugged but definitely scenic.


If you even happen on this place, the nearest hotels include the luxurious Bacara Resort and several campgrounds-- El Capitan, Refugio and Gaviota. 





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