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If you are looking to book a hotel room throughout the United States, you've come to the right place.  Hotels, motels and bed & breakfast inns populate the country, and are available in every state and almost every city.  Our prices are the same low prices you'll find elsewhere, though you may discover availability not offered at other sites. Because hoteliers are required to allocate rooms for Internet booking to participate, sometimes you'll find hotels available here that you won't find at the hotel itself.


United States (USA) hotels, motels, inns and suites range from 4 or 5 Diamond AAA ranked resorts and hotel accommodations to affordable chain and budget properties. Prices and diamond ratings tend to vary according to location. We've traveled across the US and have also discovered that although brand is somewhat consistent, there can be regional differences. Weather and local work force supply can affect the quality of chain hotels in say, a place where it snows, versus a hotel where it doesn't. Travelers must take all this into account when traveling, and realize that some variations may occur, though they are usually not too noticeable.


Travelers report that the most expensive rooms are generally in New York City.  Los Angeles, because it is spread out, offers some reasonable rates in the heart of the business district, while we seldom see rates go down in the upscale spots such as Beverly Hills. Beach cities in the major Southern California area tend to hold their prices throughout the year, with the budget properties lowering their rates during the winter months. San Francisco holds its rate strong during the summer, with deals to be found more often during the winter.


Florida beaches have some pretty good deals during the winter months, but like most beach cities in the U.S., rates go up in the spring (March) and summer months. Mountain ski resorts hold their pricing during Christmas and New Year's, and as long as the snow machines are working during the winter, with weekdays often giving travelers a break in price and more availability.