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ocean bar
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Hangman's Tree

Oversized Farm Art

Water Tower House

Club 33 Restroom

california's crazy stuff

Skate Dog

Winko One Man Band

Winchester Mystery House

Watts Tower


No Parade

Earthquake Walk

    Bubble Gum Alley

World's Biggest Tree


Unique and Colorful California never ceases to amaze even the most seasoned travelers.


Have you seen the antithesis to a parade called, No Parade? We have! Surely you know about Bubble Gum Wall, the General Sherman and General Grant trees, Winko, Skate Dog, Watts Tower and the Winchester Mystery House? These are all California attractions that offer something crazy, cool, or superlative in size or scope.




Are you looking for crazy hotels?  It's hard to come up with something new to wow travelers these days but as we scour the inventory, a few unique hotel rooms come to mind. While the room itself is modest in size, The Crescent in Beverly Hills offers pre-loaded IPODs in guest rooms. Upon entering your room at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, your favorite musical themes are supposed to play for you as you open the door. At the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, each room offers a special color and theme.






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