U-Haul on Flying C Rd, Cameron Park, CA


4040 Flying C Rd
Cameron Park, CA 95682-9608
(530) 672-1096

U-Haul on Flying C Rd in Cameron Park, CA is in the Beach California section(s) Truck, Utility Trailer, And Rv (Recreational Vehicle) Rental And Leasing and Truck, Utility Trailer, And Rv (Recreational Vehicle) Rental And Leasing. The map of U-Haul shows the approximate location in Cameron Park, but you should call them at phone number (530) 672-1096 to verify their address is 4040 Flying C Road, Cameron Park, California 95682-9608 and to get hours and driving directions. U-Haul Cameron Park is part of the U Haul Company chain. Some of the brands and departments of U-Haul Cameron Park are Trucks $19 95 In-Town + Mileage, Trailers $14 95 In-Town, Newest Trucks Designed for The Household Mover and Lowest Decks & Widest Ramps Save You Half The Work. For more information on U-Haul Cameron Park their website URL is www.uhaul.com.

Hours Open: OPEN 7 DAYS
Top category: Car Rentals

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