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Remember the Magic!
California Adventure
Cal Adventure Tower of Terror
Convention Center
Disneyland Hotel
Disneys Grand Californian Hotel
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Best Western Park Place Inn-Mini Suites
Holiday Inn Anaheim At The Park (1 Block E)

Holiday Inn Express Maingate
Marriott Anaheim

Park Vue Inn
Radisson Hotel Maingate-Anaheim
Ramada Inn Maingate/Saga Across From Disneyland Park

Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort

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Disneyland pictures
disneyland tower of terror pictures
tower of terror photo
The scariest hotel in California opened May 5, 2004 at Disney's California Adventure.
 Disneyland's California Adventure Tower of Terror Photos & Info



The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is the Anaheim/Disneyland version of the popular themed attraction that exists in Florida.  This 183-foot joy ride in what appears to be an elevator but is really a vertical conveyance device, moves faster than the speed of gravity, dropping quickly to create a sense of weightlessness.


Guests entering the courtyard and lobby of the ride hear music that was chosen for its haunting, timeless quality.  Ushered through a once-grand lobby of a hotel, notice the period props and furniture selected to create a bygone era of Hollywood splendor. Magazines and newspapers from 1939 are strategically placed where guests left them. There's a set of luggage at the front desk, left by someone ready to check in. On a table are a deck of cards, a cribbage board and two glasses of wine, the only clues to quick departure or disappearance from those who left in a hurry and never came back.


As your group is led into a library by one of the hotel's bellhops, a Twilight Zone video is shown while you peruse relics and antiques taken from the Twilight Zone series. A screen mounted high on the wall displays a black and white video of Rod Serling created for the ride. The episode from which Serling's appearance was taken entitled, "It's a Good Life," is the story of a boy who can read minds and control people. In The Library, props include miniature spacemen from "The Invaders" that featured Agnes Moorhead and a fortune telling machine known as The Mystic Seer from the "Nick of Time" episode that featured William Shatner and Patricia Bresling.


Leaving the library, you are led through a boiler room and series of queues similar to the Haunted Mansion, finally arriving at a service elevator where you wait for the door to open so you can enter and sit in an apparatus that seats 21 passengers.


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, the tallest attraction at Disneyland Resort, is visible throughout the theme park and is located in the southeast corner of the Hollywood Pictures Backlot.


Landscaping for the surrounding grounds includes Chinese flame trees, magnolias, a coral tree and palm trees with dead fronds to indicate years of neglect.