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Tijuana, Mexico seen from California

The view from Border Field State Park in San Diego County offers a glimpse of old buildings along a sleepy, little beach town across the fence and huge wall that divides two countries, the United States and Mexico.  But looking at the houses on the hills of Fuentes Del Mar pictured above, the size and stature of these residence provides a strikingly different image of Tijuana.


Baja California's gold coast is directly across the border from San Diego County and just south of Imperial Beach, next to San Ysidro. The most popular activities for tourists crossing the border into Tijuana include shopping and sight seeing. Shop for authentic Mexican clothing, jewelry, pottery and art and barter for the right price.

Tree-lined Zona Río shopping centers contain exclusive department stores and specialty shops, offering fine perfumes, clothing, jewelry and imported items from every part of the world.

Purchases made in Mexico are duty free, and there is no state sales tax. Each shopper can bring back $400 worth of merchandise, including one liter of alcohol (if over 21), 100 cigars (excluding Cuban), and 200 cigarettes. The US duty is a flat 10 percent for the first $1,000 of merchandise above your $400 allowance. US Dollars, pesos, and major credit cards are accepted.


Radio stations such as KOGO 600 AM in San Diego provide hourly updates on the time it takes to cross the border.