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Posey, CA is located in Tulare County in Northern California. We have 3 businesses listed for Posey and below you'll find links to restaurants, hotels, shopping, and attractions in the Posey area. As you can see by the map of Posey some of the nearby cities include Glennville, Woody, Wofford Heights, Kernville and Lake Isabella. For you map buffs, the Posey latitude is 35.8047, the longitude is -118.683, and the elevation of Posey is 1,085 feet.

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  • 1. kern county landmarks - kern historical landmark list
    539 POSEY STATION OF BUTTERFIELD OVERLAND MAIL LINES - Two and one-half miles east of this point stood the Posey Station on the Butterfield ...

  • 2. alameda california - san francisco's east bay
    His work includes the portal entrance of the Posey Tube in Alameda, ten veterans buildings throughout Alameda County, plus numerous public buildings and ...

  • 3. wineries in mendocino, california
    Tasting Charges: no. Tours: yes. Directions: from Broadway and 5th in Oakland through Posey Tube to Alameda, right on Atlantic, right on Main. Sunrise Winery ...

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