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Philo, CA is located in Mendocino County in Northern California. We have 28 businesses listed for Philo and below you'll find links to restaurants, hotels, shopping, and attractions in the Philo area. As you can see by the map of Philo some of the nearby cities include Boonville, Navarro, Ukiah, Manchester and Elk. For you map buffs, the Philo latitude is 39.0657, the longitude is -123.445, and the elevation of Philo is 101 feet.

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  1. Point Arena Lighthouse
    Lighthouse Road And Highway 1, Point Arena, Ca

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  • 1. wineries in mendocino, california
    Philo CA 95466. Phone: (707) 895-2152 ... Directions: 4 miles northwest of Philo on Hwy. 128. Guenoc ... winery is located 5 miles north of Philo. Hidden Cellars ...

  • 2. boonville california - mendocino county
    A half-mile south of Highway 128 on Philo-Greenwood Road eight miles northwest of Boonville is Hendy Woods State Park. The park features two virgin ...

  • 3. read more and see photos - california beaches
    Just miles away in Philo, Goldeneye provides a perfect setting to wine and dine ??? well, picnic in this case. A yummy wine flight beside vineyard views and ...

  • 4. san francisco county california state historical landmarks
    941 FARNSWORTH'S GREEN STREET LAB - In a simple laboratory on this site, 202 Green Street, Philo Taylor Farnsworth, U.S. pioneer in electronics, invented ...

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