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Olema, CA is located in Marin County in Northern California. We have 12 businesses listed for Olema and below you'll find links to restaurants, hotels, shopping, and attractions in the Olema area. As you can see by the map of Olema some of the nearby cities include Point Reyes Station, Nicasio, Lagunitas, Inverness and Forest Knolls. For you map buffs, the Olema latitude is 38.0408, the longitude is -122.788, and the elevation of Olema is 21 feet.

Top Things To Do In and Around Olema

  1. Bay Area Discovery Museum
    557 Mcreynolds Road, Sausalito, Ca
  2. Heart's Desire Beach
    Point Reyes Station, Ca
  3. Bodega Harbour Golf Links
    21301 Heron Drive, Bodega Bay, Ca

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  • 1. marin county landmarks - historic state landmarks marin county
    Location: 300 ft W of State Hwy 1 (P.M. 22.1), 4.2 mi S of Olema NO. 529 ANGEL ISLAND - In 1775, the packet San Carlos, first known Spanish ship to enter San ...

  • 2. point reyes station, california photos and information
    Previously called Olema Station, the old train depot is now a post office and the engine house stands as a testament to the heritage of this great coastal town.

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