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Mountain View, CA is located in Santa Clara County in Northern California. We have 1,079 businesses listed for Mountain View and below you'll find links to restaurants, hotels, shopping, and attractions in the Mountain View area. As you can see by the map of Mountain View some of the nearby cities include Los Altos, Loyola, Sunnyvale, Los Altos Hills and Palo Alto. For you map buffs, the Mountain View latitude is 37.386, the longitude is -122.084, and the elevation of Mountain View is 32 feet. An interesting fact is that the Mountain View city population is 68,268 which equates to approximately 3.8 percent of the 1,784,642 residents in Santa Clara County.

Top Things To Do In and Around Mountain View

  1. City of Flowers
    215 Moffett Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043
  2. Computer History Museum
    1401 N. Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043
  3. Jamba Juice
    1037 El Monte Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040
  4. Fishermans Wharf
    The Embarcadero & Powell St, San Francisco, Ca 94133
  5. Winchester Mystery House Tour
    525 South Winchester Boulevard, San Jose, California
  6. A.P. Stump's
    163 W Santa Clara St, San Jose, Ca 95113
  7. The Loft Bar and Bistro
    90 S. 2nd St, San Jose, CA 95113
  8. E & O Trading Company
    96 S. 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113
  9. Picchetti Winery
    13100 Montebello Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014
  10. Paramount's Great America
    Great America Parkway Off Highway 101, Santa Clara, Ca 95054

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to December
Mountain View CFM Sunday Farmers Market, in Mountain View, California, takes place in January and ends in December. This Farmers Market event is sponsored by California Farmers' Market Association and will be located at Hope & Evelyn - 100 Castro Street rear parking lot , Hope & Evelyn - 100 Castro Street rear parking lot.

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