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Big Bar, CA is located in Trinity County in Northern California. We have 2 businesses listed for Big Bar and below you'll find links to restaurants, hotels, shopping, and attractions in the Big Bar area. As you can see by the map of Big Bar some of the nearby cities include Junction City, Burnt Ranch, Hyampom, Hayfork and Weaverville. For you map buffs, the Big Bar latitude is 40.741, the longitude is -123.256, and the elevation of Big Bar is 380 feet.

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    WEAVERVILLE, CA.???One of the most scenic California drives Highway 299 twists and turns through redwood forests, around streams fed by melting, mountain ...

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    In addition to the white water rafting we've found further north in Big Bar in Trinity County, whitewater rafting on the American River and the Sierra ...

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    Yuba City Tehama Hotels · Landmarks · Population Cities & Towns Corning · Red Bluff Tehama Trinity Hotels · Landmarks · Population Cities & Towns Big Bar ...

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    TRINITY. County seat, Named for Trinity River in 1845 by Major Reading, Big Bar, Hayfork, Junction City, and Weaverville. Things to see & do: ...

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    41 BIG BAR - The Mokelumne River was mined at this point in 1848. Established in 1849, the Whale Boat Ferry operated until the first bridge was built, about ...

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    ... appearing in the photos, while the map above shows the entire state of California, parts of Oregon and Nevada where SR299 continues on. big bar map ...

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    Big Bar California Travel Guide · Book a Flight on · Brea California Vacation in Southern California's Orange County · Big Wednesday Car ...

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    Big Bar, Northern California's River Rafting and Fishing Spot · Bubble Gum Alley Video San Luis Obispo · Buellton City Limits ...

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    big bar map. TRINITY COUNTY. Burnt Ranch. Car Show -Street Rodders. TRINITY COUNTY Hayfork · Junction City · Weaverville · Trinity County · Trinity County ...

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