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Las Vegas Photo from the Eiffel Tower

The sites of Las Vegas from the Eiffel Tower replica are far different than those seen in Paris.


Like a kid "stuck at the beach" (poor me), the sites and sounds of Sin City or Las Vegas lured me ever closer to my trip away for a weekend getaway. While Southern Californians who make the drive regularly find it long and laborious after doing it so many times, I stopped along the way at the touristy, yet totally fun and fascinating Calico Ghost Town.  Purchasing some great Southwest-styled CDs at a little shop where the music was very lively, with guitar strums and a steady beat, I headed back on the road from Yermo to Las Vegas.


My driving partner took control of the wheel in Las Vegas when I knew that I'd need to map the terrain and photograph the buildings and skyscrapers as we drove along the Strip.  Wow, building after building, lots of congestion, traffic and hoards people! Exactly what I am used to in my home town, a beach community of 200,000 people in Orange County, California. 


If I tire of hearing discussions about the minimal attire of locals at the beach, in visitor guides and in the press, Las Vegas has taken care of that. The images are not nude, but the girlie-girls on the oversized screens broadcasting ads along the Strip are scantilly clad and quite sexy. When I visited Las Vegas from the Midwest during my college days, I found it boring. Now it is quite fascinating as a phenomenon as I notice "down home" folks who are able to throw reckless abandon and walk the children along this advertisement of sex, sounds and color.


Well, just cover the kiddies' eyes or talk to them and find out that they see more on their favorite television programs and on the Internet than you realized. Get over it, mom and dad. So the tourist has gathered this list from time reading travel sections, looking at other people's boring photos and deciding what needed to be done in Las Vegas.

1. Go to the Eiffel Tower. That's where we took the photo above.  You are totally caged in with a solid mesh screen that makes it most easy for smaller digital lenses to poke through and get a photo.  If you want to eat at the restaurant with a view in the Eiffel Tower, the prices are on the luxury side with meals beginning at $25 per entree and going up. The attraction at this nicely-decorated restaurant with sweeping views it the water show you overlook at Bellagio


2. Take a walk down The Strip to size up New York New York, Luxor and the other attractions of the world found in one place.  You have to stand next to them to see the facades and scale of these look-alike buildings, casinos and attractions.