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The Crescent was the first hotel in the nation to offer the personal Apple iPod Minibar as a standard amenity. When you hear something you like, a CD can be customized to your tastes, or you can purchase the iPod to take with you.



Beverly Hills, CA--The Crescent Hotel is a renovated property that some guests describe as European and others see as minimalist-chic. Owned and managed by Peck Moss Hotel Group, The Crescent's music company partner, Gray V, programs the iPods in each hotel room. The Crescent was the first hotel in the nation to offer the personal Apple iPod Minibar as a standard amenity. As you enter your hotel room to the sounds of smooth music coming from your very own iPod, take note of the clean, cool, neutral decor. A unique concrete bathroom, furniture and walls utilize only several shades ranging from black to gray and off-white.  The simplicity and modern design of each room offers a techno feel, complimented by a desk center. It reflects the modern home office in functionality, and can serve both as an entertainment and work center. On the desk you'll find a small, plasma screen TV, DVD player, iPod, several celebrity magazines and a lamp with a square shade. Famed designer Dodd Mitchell, who was contracted for the hotel's renovation (and also designed Hotel  Valencia Santana Row, San Jose) creates an impression of space while injecting an element of class with a sleek, black leather chair in the "Queen" room. Ideal for sitting and surfing the Internet (thanks to the free Wi-fi), all you require is your laptop to get some serious work done or just enjoy quiet moments checking email.


Not only does each room include top quality down comforters, Italian linens and the most comfortable bed you'll melt into as you slumber into a deep sleep (same bed as five diamond The Peninsula Hotel), the boutique-style property offers good vibes created by effective design and great music throughout. It's a comfort zone and home away from home delineated by areas called "Sleep" and "Lounge". On the double door entry to the hotel, the word "sleep" is etched into one glass door panel and "lounge" in the other. The outdoor "lounge" that includes dining tables, sofas and chairs, is tied to the inside area via a see-through glass fireplace window. Inside there's a cocktail bar with several seats, a stairway to second floor rooms, several small dining tables, plus a huge, wrap-around sofa for relaxing. When the sun goes down, votive candles are lit, creating a magical effect even on the steps leading to the second floor "sleep" area.


Guests repeatedly mention the good vibes they enjoy as the night comes alive in the cozy, intimate restaurant and lounge. With the only outdoor living room and lobby lounge with and indoor/outdoor fireplace in Beverly Hills, The Crescent Hotel has become a favorite spot to socialize and broker deals. Even as locals drop by for cocktail meetings, hotel guests find the lounge areas great for unwinding. An affordable option to pricier properties in Beverly Hills that are too large, too expensive or too stuffy, entertainment professionals who've grown tired of "party" hotels in Hollywood and West Hollywood are happy to discover this hidden gem. 


"I like the vibe at The Crescent," said one hotel guest, Brian McCourt, a movie production manager from New York City. "This is such a happening place and so upscale compared to Hollywood hotels in a similar price range." What's especially important for McCourt, is a quiet bedroom and comfortable place to sleep at night.  "The amenities, on-site restaurant and dining within a few blocks are all great, but I'm here for a restful sleep so I can function the next day. I have to stay on top of my game." Pointing to a man sitting next to him on white sofa cushions, the New York resident said he likes The Crescent Hotel so much that he's begun recommending it to associates like Dennis D'Amico.

D'Amico, an executive producer with Dream Makers Music and Entertainment, agrees with McCourt that the hotel is a find. "The staff is really what defines a place and everyone here is incredible!" You can encounter little problems at any place you stay, he said. "Whenever I need something, I like receiving immediate attention and the most professional, friendly assistance imaginable. I'm really impressed with the service here!" He's another New York City-based traveler who's stayed in countless hotels around the globe. He gives The Crescent an "excellent" rating for its customer care.

From a handsome Amsterdam attorney who flew into L.A. to negotiate a movie contract, to a group of attractive 30-something ladies who just dropped by for an evening of socializing over cocktails, The Crescent Hotel's clientele includes a fair number of beautiful men and women who could easily appear on fashion magazine covers. Perhaps that's how things are in Beverly Hills, but don't feel too intimidated. Even the most gorgeous people seem down to earth and genuinely nice when you smile and strike up a conversation.


When the sun goes down and the stars come out at night, there's plenty to smile about. That's when The Crescent transforms into a vibrant, pulsating, candle-lit entertainment lounge known for its trendy music, tasty cocktails, unique wine list, appetizers and meals prepared by Executive Chef Erik Ritter. With service to rival any Five Diamond resort, guests are taken care of in seamless fashion, giving them the freedom to simply enjoy.

While the music is designed to provide background enhancement, when you hear something you like, a CD can be personally made to your tastes, or you can purchase an iPod to take with you. Above is a captured image from an in-room iPod showing a playlist song, Baby Mammoth from Frozen, a European group.  > more