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Halcyon California's Temple of the People
a Township in San Luis Obispo County, California 


Halcyon's Temple of the People is a unique white building with an aqua colored trim. It's shape is its defining point. The large building was designed by architect Theodore Eisen of Los Angeles in 1923 and was called  Blue Star Memorial Temple. It is located in the township of Halcyon, California, near Grover Beach, Oceano and and Arroyo Grande.  Constructed with symbolism akin to Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt, a basic mathematical number for design was 7 as in 7 days in a week, 7 notes between octaves, 7 colors of light. Inside dimensions and angles are multiples of 7 with pillars and design representing spiritual concepts.  


Its serene setting overlooking fields, farms and a tall tree makes it stand out as something quite unique amongst the barns and even the Halcyon Post Office and Store with its bright mural paintings. Situated on a lot next to Halcyon Road and a road that winds back to a small neighborhood, the lawns have always been neatly manicured and the grass deep shades of green as we pass by. Somehow, the colors the place exudes are very rich and contrasting, though the bright white building is softened by the shaded location and shadows cast from trees.

We've never seen anyone outside or even parked in front of the Temple. We just don't drive by at the appropriate times, apparently. The Temple is open to the public and holds healing services at 12:00 Noon each day. A 15-minute service offers prayer and meditation for the health and safety of the world.  Each Sunday at 10: 30 a.m. there is a community event such as an inspirational talk of interest with the public invited to attend. The group requests that international guests not trek to the Temple, believing that they can sign up to join a commune. The organization prefers to maintain the semblance of individuals gathered in common interest.   Information:  805-489-2822