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Temecula Vacation | Hotel Villa Amidst the Wine Grapes



South Coast Winery & Villas include rooms with French doors and private patios amidst the vineyards. Each villa comes with a complimentary bottle of quality wine.

Temecula in 24 Hours


24 hours is all you need to be wowed by Temecula. It will swoop you off your feet with the romance and charm of a city steeped in culture and fine arts. While there are several paths you can take on a one-day Southern California escape to Wine Country, we saved a visit to the Pechanga Casino Resort for another vacation, opting to explore the great outdoors at  Old Town Temecula, Temecula Creek Inn Golf Course and South Coast Winery Resort And Spa, where you can sip spectacular wines and sleep amongst the vines.


Give me a  weekend getaway in Temecula and I can do some serious damage. I'll attend a concert or comedy show, then hit the cool night club at Pechanga Casino where I'll probably drop a few bucks as I try my luck, the hit that wine trail. When a friend asked me to come to Temecula to photograph his wedding, I wasn't able to join the blessed event. Too bad. I didn't know what I was missing until I visited Temecula last fall.


Temecula is this odd blend where Old West meets new wine. Old town meets huge cosmopolitan casinos. It's comfortable, casual and there's really a lot going on.  If you like golf resorts, it's got them. If you like shopping, the downtown is totally fun with its western theme. And if you like to "go uptown" just check out Pechanga Casino.

To start a relaxing weekend vacation, the freeway can be a bit challenging. There must be millions of people living out in the region because it takes a long time to get there.  "It's all about timing," said a local who commutes to a job and drives the freeways daily.  So try to go real early if you can. And before you begin the journey book a  fabulous hotel room at the unbelievable South Coast Winery. Each villa is a self-standing unit featuring a patio deck perched in a vineyard where grape vines grow around you as you read a book, sip an award-winning Merlot or just unwind. It's a good idea to book ahead because weekends and special events are in demand.


From the breath-taking surroundings to the upscale accommodations (at affordable prices), you will be pleasantly surprised to see what Temecula has to offer.


What to see:  The wine trail, historic Old Town Temecula and vistas from a hot air balloon.

What to do: Sample the bounty of great foods & wines, exercise, get a spa treatment, shop downtown, visit the museums and gamble if you must or just relax.  Special annual events include one of the best free Bluegrass festivals in the US, usually held around St. Patrick's Day...more


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World Class Pechanga Resort & Casino Offers Pleasant Surprises both New & Old




Where to stay: South Coast Winery (it's amazing!)

Where is it?  Temecula is in Riverside County south of Perris and north of San Diego. Temperate climate makes it a great year-round treat for those who need a break.

How much does it cost?  You can book an affordable room in Temecula for below $100 seasonally, or spurge and enjoy the finest hotels and resorts at affordable rates from $100 upwards.






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