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Swap Meets - California Swap Meet at Golden West College Huntington Beach


Huntington Beach--


Swap meets  in California --Huntington Beach is but one of the hundreds of California Swap Meets, places to swap, buy, trade and mingle with your neighbors and kids on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  While upscale Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive or South Coast Plaza offer clothing and jackets from designer boutiques Prada, Dolce & Gabana, Yves St. Laurent and other names starting at $500 to $1000, Golden West offers first and second runs, used and new apparel that starts at $1. We saw a table of bras for ladies with a sign that advertised $1. There were avocados 2 for $1, shoes for $15 and many items visitors are invited to barter over.


These swap meets are a cultural mix with the largest attendance Hispanic first, then Caucasian and Asian. The cultural bend is reflected in fruit, vegetable and produce stands selling 10 types of chili peppers popular in Mexican and South American dishes. And the vendors with fresh food items do very well selling affordable sno-cones and confections full of sugar, providing a pure energy high for kids and adults in a serving cart that says "Raspados". 

On our stroll through the bazaar that looks more like an open air market in some foreign land, you'll see packaged laundry soap products from China, cereal boxes with Spanish writing and many sales spaces where someone simply has thrown a tarp down on the ground with old items on it.  More...>


Huntington Beach Golden West College  Swap Meet is one of the many activities that include annual Johnson Brothers Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree Lot. Swap Meet Movie video clip