Surfrider Foundation Annual Reports Photography




    The Surfrider Foundation USA is a non-profit environmental organization working to preserve our oceans, waves & beaches. The oceans of the world are polluted. The animal and plant life indigenous to some coastal regions cannot live and thrive in human-created dead zones filled with urban run-off and toxic waste. California surfers and those who spend time in the ocean are often advised to obtain Hepatitis vaccines. Become involved and help clean up the oceans, our livelihood and home to many of the world's plants and animals.


    About the Surfrider Annual Report: This unique and colorful shareholders report with photographs from from our publishing firm included pages filled with full bleed photo spreads of gorgeous ocean scenes.  "I was given the freedom to do something out of the ordinary, so I designed a product which would be as interesting for its graphic imagery as for its message," said Patty Roberts, creative director. 

    Roberts said she called Debbie Stock who she worked with on several projects previously. "I knew Stock had a tremendous file of stock photo images related to the project.  I require the highest quality photos and Debbie Stock consistently provides exactly what I demand," Roberts said.   

California Surfing Photos