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 300 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA


HSS Surf Team
Scott Waring, Surfteam Manager

Micah Byrne Micah is one of HSS' top team riders. Micah always seems to be on photo trips getting awesome shots.
Other than traveling to exotic beaches, Micah holds 5 NSSA National Titles.
Sponsors:  HSS, Hurley, DVS, Electric and Gorilla Grip.

Courtney Conloguee  Courtney is due to be one of womens top surfer's. At age 11 she is ranked number 4 in the prestigious Open Women's Division. Courtney likes surfing spots like: Trestles, Rincon and El porto. Courtney is definitely a future star, and we are very proud to have Courtney on our team.
Sponsors:  HSS, Roxy, Reef, Ocean and Earth, Bushman, and Xcel

Tom CurrenWorld Champion: 1985, 1986, 1990. Most career victories (35), Most victories in one season (7), New record album "Self Titled"
Sponsors:  HSS, Realm, Island Style, Airwalk, Rip Curl Eyewear and Watches

Andrew Doheny  Andrew is a super grom!  He has dominated the 2004 Open Boys NSSA season. He charges world renown waves: Hawaii, Fiji, Mexico.
Sponsors:  HSS, Volcom, DVS, Dragon, Ocean and Earth

Bryan Doheny Bryan is kinda quiet, but an awesome surfer as well as an awesome personality. Bryan won the 2 Star NSSA Event in some solid surf a Seaside Reef.
Sponsors: HSS, Quiksilver, Ocean and Earth_

Mike Hoisington Mike has won a 4 Star WQS contest. He is always pushing his surfing ability to the limit every time he paddles out.
Mike is definitely one of the top locals out and about Huntington Beach.
Sponsors: HSS, Quiksilver

Kanoa Igarashi  Kanoa is only 6 years old! 1st contest he entered, he placed 1st overall. Although young Kanoa's surfing future looks strong.
Sponsors:  HSS, O'Neill

Kyle Kennelly Kyle is the NSSA Gold Coast Champion for 2003.  Enjoy's surfing the famous Cloudbreak in Fiji.
Sponsors:  HSS, Billabong, Doc, Ocean and Earth, Dragon and Java Point

Allan Kincade  Allan is age 15. Despite his age Allan is a powerful solid surfer (a big kid with big moves).
His favorite spots include: Costa Rica, Lowers, HB Pier and 54th St. Newport.
Sponsors:  HSS, Rusty, DSO, and Ocean and Earth

Jay LarsonJay has a polished style that is fast and powerful.  Jay travels surf spots around the world.
Sponsors:  HSS, RVCA, Aleeda, Sanuk, Surf Prescriptions, South Bay Toyota, Dr. G, OAM, Prime Source Mortgage

Eva Lewington Eva enjoys surfing all kinds of boards. Shortboards or single fin longboards, she can do it all. When not in the water Eva designs all sorts of clothes and clothing accessories.
Her Favorite spot is Doheny.
Sponsors:  HSS, Vans

Jodie Nelson

Danny Nichols Danny is the 2003 PSTA Champion. His powerful surfing style is matched by no other. Whether launching a huge air, or destroying a waves face Danny can do it all. A lot of Danny's time is spent traveling and capturing awsome photo's from all over the world.
Sponsors:  HSS, Billabong, Surf Prescriptions, Dragon and DaKine

Taylor PaiTaylor is a quiet kid who charges big surf. Recently returned from Tavarua where he caught some of the biggest waves on the trip. Taylor is constanly pushing his surfing ability and is starting to get more focused on surfing in contests.
Sponsors:  HSS, Oneill, DVS, Nixon, Surf Prescriptions, Java Point, Ocean and Earth

Drew Poff Drew is a super cool local kid. Always can be seen ripping at the HB Pier. Drew is part of the Dwyer Middle School Surf Team.
Sponsors:  HSS

Willie Safreed Willie is one of the hardest non-high-profile surfers around.  Charges the WQS events.
Sponsors: Ezekiel, Ocean and Earth, HSS, Legend Eyewear, Body Glove, Axion

Christian Saenz 2nd place kids for clean waves event. Currently ranked 4th overall NSSA Explorer.
Favorite Spots: Lowers, Cardiff, and HB Pier
Sponsors:  HSS, O'Neill, Electric, Java Point

Shana Saraiva Young South African has been blowing up in the NSSA. Also a strong member of the Dwyer Surf Team.
Sponsors:  Oakley, HSS, Island Style

Brett SimpsonHigh Flying Brett" Standout 2003 NSSA Competition. Currently powering WQS events.
Sponsors: Oneill, HSS, TPatterson, Dragon, Reef, Ocean and Earth.

Logan Strook 2003 NSSA State and National Middle School Finalist. 2nd Place 2003 Rip Curl National Champion.
Favorite spots include: Cloudbreak, Rincon and Costa Rica.
Sponsors: Quiksilver, HSS, Java Point, Dragon, DaKine and Sugar Shack.

Brett SchwartzBrett enjoys traveling to Indo.  Tuberider
Sponsors:  Split, HSS, Globe, Legend Eyewear

Tyler Tarlow2nd Place in Kids for Clean Waves.
Currently ranked 16th in the Explorer Boys.
Sponsors:  Oneill, HSS, TPatterson Boards.

Ryan Turner Ryan seems to always be on surf trips. He is a strong/powerful surfer and loves getting barrelled.
Sponsors: Rusty, HSS, Sugar Shack

Timmy Turner  exploring new unknown spots. Not affraid to charge large waves with shallow reefs. New movie (Second Thoughts)
Sponsors: HSS, Quiksilver, Sugar Shack

Chris Waring  2003 Mens All Star High School Champion. 2003 AirShow High School Champion. Ranked 2nd in Open Mens 2004 NSSA Season. 1st Place 2 Star Open (Seaside Reef)
Favorite Spots to surf are: Fiji, J-Bay, and Southside Seal
Sponsors:  Oneill, HSS, Globe, Arnette, Ocean and Earth, and Estrada Surfboards

Marty Weinstein Ranked 3rd overall in the 2004 NSSA Open Juniors
Favorite spot to surf is Cloudbreak.
Sponsors:  HIC, HSS, Spy, BodyGlove and Ocean and Earth

Brad Ettinger ither hitting up contest or going to photo shoots, it seems like Brad is always traveling.  Brad is always easy going and always smiling, and we are stoked to have him on our HSS Team.
Sponsors:  HSS, Fox, Legend Eyewear, Doc Surfboards, and Ocean and Earth