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Huntington Beach


Huntington Beach


   Surf Notes:
  • Cliffs  Long rolling, soft, easy waves. Good for beginner to intermediate. Access to the beach is difficult, and it's a steep walk down the cliffs. Parking is metered. How to Get There Between Warner Ave. and Goldenwest St. on Pacific Coast Highway. 
  • Huntington Beach Pier  Consistent breaks on any swell. North side has a nice right all the way from outside to a fast inside section. South side has a nice left, fast inside section. Both sides get very crowded. The pier is located at Main St. and Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach. The south side of the pier is where most championships have been held. 
  • Seal Beach (local [email protected]) submitted this:  Ok, where to begin.  Most surfers coming to SB surf next to the pier. The Seal Beach PIer has 2 main spots. The north side is generally for long boarders, short boarders and bodyboarders mellow long rolling lefts and short playful rights.  However, during the summer, black ball goes into effect, banning all Surfboards on the North side of the pier so that it can become a safe swimming/body boarding environment for families.  This usually takes place around 11 a.m.  The south side can offer a dangerous shorebreak -- inexperienced swimmers and bodyboarders are advised to stay out!!!!  Especially during winter months!!!!  The River Jetty (San Gabriel River) usually gets surfers in the aafternoon when people can't ride the pier.  I would advise staying out of the River!!!! Constant runoff contamination and strong currents when the tide is sucking can send you out to sea, you could end up way pst the pier withou even realizing. Plus, it's the only remaining spot in Seal Beach where you will find locals, generally good people unless you are in their way, making it dangerous to surf the river.  For beginners, the best place to surf is Crabs.  Craabs is a very mellow wave close to shore and directly in front of lifeguard tower. for experienced surfers only, you can venture into the river and sometimes find long peeling rights, Barracudas is a short right, next to the rocks with high risk factor involved. 
  • Newport Beach River Jetty  The Surf  Very shallow break and fast. This is an advanced  spot to surf.  How to Get There  Follow Pacific Coast Highway south of Brookhurst  St. to just over the Santa Ana River Bridge. Make a right at Orange Ave. 
  • Surfside Inconsistent breaks  The jetty referred to as "The Bowl." The wave rebounds off the jetty making it very fast and  steep. It breaks to the right only. The Hole  is fast, long and to the right. The lefts have a nice bowl on the inside. Very crowded. How to Get There Surfside is just off Anderson St. and Pacific Coast Highway in Sunset Beach. Look for the Harbor House Cafe and go straight back to the beach from there. The jetty will be on your right. 
  • Blackies The Surf  Peaky, fun waves right or left, but it gets very  crowded.   How to Get There  Blackies is the term used for the Newport Beach  Pier area -- follow the signs south on Newport  Blvd. from Pacific Coast Highway. It is the first  pier on the right. 
  • The Wedge  Mostly summer swells. Bodysurfers or bodyboarders  rule the spot. However, starting to see more  people surf. It usually only breaks over 8 ft.  right on the beach. How to Get There  The Wedge is at the end of the Balboa Peninsula -  follow Balboa Blvd. south from Pacific Coast  Highway until you reach a split in the road.  Follow the road right and find parking at the end  of the street. 
  • Laguna Beach  Very local spot. Good long lefts and racy to inside section. Stays glassy through most of the  day. How to Get There Brooks St. is just south of Broadway on Pacific  Coast Highway in Laguna Beach. It's about half a  mile south of Broadway and requires a walk down  some steps. 
  • Salt Creek Highly overrated. Breaks on almost all swells.Fast wave with steep drop. Very crowded. Don't forget to feed the parking meters! How to Get There Salt Creek is the name for San Juan Creek -- Take Pacific Coast Highway to Doheny State Beach in Dana Point and park at the beach.
  • Trestles Multiple breaks at Trestles keep almost anyonehappy. Lowers is a crowded spot, which makes catching waves difficult. It could take you all day to get a wave in. Uppers and cottons would  not be as tough. Access to the beach is a long walk down a trail. How to Get There  Trestles is located off San Onofre State Beach Park there and walk north along the railroad  tracks to the trestles, which is basically a  series of railroad bridges.San Diego surfers break down the coastline with surgical precision. Here are the best spots in the county for surfing -- at any level of expertise
  • Big Rock  Just south of Palomar Avenue, La Jolla  Moids. Lobster Lounge. The Rock. They all spell La Jolla's left tube. Between Windansea and La Jolla  Strand Park.  Expert
  • Black's Beach (Torrey Pines City Beach)  La Jolla A nude sunbathing spot -- but who's looking. This is one of the best beach breaks in California. Expert 
  • Sunset Cliffs  If you don't know where it is, you don't need to.  Expert
  • North/South Garbage Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and Ladera Street  Great peaks in front of Sunset Cliffs' Ladera Street.  Intermediate 
  • Pipes, Cardiff  Swami's easygoing neighbor to the south. Intermediate  South Mission Jetty, Mission Beach   A blessing courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers. Beginner 
  • Swami's, Encinitas  North County's mystic beach and one of San Diego's classic point breaks. Expert 
  • Tourmaline Surfing Park, Pacific Beach  The bunny slopes. Beginner 
  • Windansea Beach, La Jolla Consistent, crowded, protected -- the best of the La Jolla reef breaks.   Expert 
  • Horseshoes Between Marine Street and Coast Boulevard, La Jolla  La Jolla's answer to Australia's Shark Island.  Expert 
  • Hospitals South end of Coast Boulevard, La Jolla  Why do you think they call it Hospitals?  Expert 
  • Imperial Beach  A diverse cast of characters, and some of the most hollow tubes in the county.  Intermediate 
  • Indicators Hill Street and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard Sunset Cliffs' outer big wave zone.  Expert 
  •  La Jolla Shores Nice, slow and easy. Perfect for learning.  Beginner us+open+bodyboarding