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 Santa Cruz  or Huntington Beach - Surf City Stand Up
Santa Cruz: Population:  56,246    Huntington Beach Population: 199,000
Location: Santa Cruz County, California   Location: Orange County, California

California surfing



Will the Real Surf City please stand upp? Two cities are disputing rights to use of terms that include the words, surf city.  As a background to the Surf City dispute, a Google search reveals many Surf Cities around the globe. Surf City is a physical place located in New Jersey and Topsail Beach, NC. Australia enjoys Surf City, and thousands of hotels, restaurants, spas, car dealers, frosty cones and other products and businesses have used the Surf City moniker for decades, including the residents of two cities, Santa Cruz and Huntington Beach in California.


For years, we have owned and published web sites such as, and as tributes to California surfing and as a double entendre with a second meaning relating to surfing the web.  We love the sport of surfing and honor it with photos--we have hundreds if not thousands.  In California, the passion of surfing is evident in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara County, Monterey County, Santa Cruz and San Mateo County, to name some major surfing spots. When you travel the California coast, you'll observe that Surf City lies in hearts of all Californians and visitors seeking to ride the next wave. It is located at every beach where waves hit the shore and surfers catch and ride them. 


There's really no dispute about California surfing.  The numbers of surfers in California and the billions of dollars generated by the surfing industry comprised of clothing, gear and events is one of the largest in the world. 


California has become a trendsetter for a style of clothing tied to a lifestyle that's casual, lighter in weight for the local climate and captures the spirit of those living on this Southern portions of the West Coast of the United States.  In the USA, California might well be the leader in surf marketing and if someone grabs the spot, it's a win-win for all, said one tourism professional.