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Surf themed musical playbill poster

Surfing Musical Playbill poster

The beach genre and surfing in American movies idealized with fictitious characters such Gidget and Moondoggy has been rekindled in musical plays.  Above is a playbill from one such effort to memorialize that spirit. Back when girls wore modest two-piece bathing suits and teased hair, and beach boys were torn between surfing and their girls, romance usually found a way to overcome the obstacles set in its path.

Themes of love and romance introduced in a movie and musical, Bye, Bye, Birdie, in 1963, held mass appeal, suddenly catching the attention of teens and their parents. The time was ripe to introduce beach-themed movies such as Gidget in 1965 and surfing films such as Bruce Brown's surf-themed Endless Summer in 1966.

While nearly forgotten, some who've experienced that era are attempting to resurrect its cultural nuisances of time and place through plays such as the Surf City musical. (poster courtesy Shirley Westlie Orlando, author and playwright)