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California Sunset - The perfect sunset of pure gold. The rays of light break through the clouds, bending in earth's atmosphere, almost touching the camera lens. Watching the sunsets day after day provides some of the best entertainment that no money can buy.  You have to go to the sea and wait. Watch for the setting sun and hope it is great. More sunsets in California include pictures in the cities of Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Ventura.


California Beaches Photo Gallery  contains pictures from California cities, beaches, attractions and more. There is so much to see and do in each destination that our files now contain well over 50,000 images of California alone! But we've gone beyond the State of California and now cover additional tour and travel information for a few of the many trips outside the state. Photojournalist & publisher Debbie Stock is proud to post some of her favorite images for viewing but does not permit copying. Note that all photographs retain copyright with the owner and may not be used for other websites or projects.  These photos can be purchased, however, for print publication for magazines, newspapers, brochures and special projects.


Featured in the gallery:

A beautiful, golden California Sunset with the rays of light bursting through the the clouds onto the ocean.

Naples Gondolier who was interviewed on NBC Today Show. He sings under the bridge of one of Southern California's favorite locations in Long Beach.

Capitola by the Sea Flower Pots and the Venetian Inn cottages on the sand overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

Hollywood Nights overlooking and the Hollywood Hills with the stream of car lights on the road below.

Felton California Beach Train that runs from the Big Redwoods to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Huntington Beach Pier with the yellow and orange rays of setting sun breaking through the pier pilings, shining on a man walking in the sand.

A plaza in Cozumel with a fantastic diver's sculpture of bronze overlooking the ocean.

Stingray Sandbar near Stingray City, Grand Cayman Islands, features water colors beyond belief near a reef where tourists can go to pet the stingrays in the ocean. National Geographic calls it one of the great experiences.

San Jose Sunset seen from the beautiful Hotel Valencia San Jose in Santana Row, a European-styled community and shopping center not far from Winchester Mystery House.

California Bathing Beaches includes a list of some of the great coastal sandy spots to chill and cool your jets, include the clothing optional nude beach, Pirate's Cove in San Luis Obispo County.

California Dog Beaches

Highway 101 photos of scenes as we drive along the California Highway