California Beach Sunset Photos - California Sunsets Pictures

California Beach Sunset Photos |  Pictures of California Beaches and sunsets show a variety of beaches around the state of California shaded in a many colors as the same sun sets to the west over the Pacific Ocean.


California Beach Sunsets are some of the most popular photos you can take. Beach sunset pictures in California offer a range of colors and vistas from flat sandy beaches that look out to sets of islands such as Catalina Island, to Channel Islands on the Central Coast. You can photograph trees at sunset such as the famed Monterey Pine, or a Pasadena palm. 


Silhouette pictures are so special and easy to shoot at the beach during sunset. When you take pictures at sunset, try bracketing. Some cameras such a Nikon pro cameras offer a programmable bracketing function. If you are stuck with a "toy" camera that doesn't allow for easy switching between pre-programmed and manual options, just try looking up a little higher in the sky for darker sunsets, or lower on the beach and sand for brighter lighting in your sunset images. Take a couple test shots to see the results in your digital output screen.  


When you visit California Beaches from and enjoy coastal sunsets that span 1000 miles of California shoreline from the coast's rocky shores to the sandy beaches throughout the State of California, you will find yourself in awe, inspired by the scenic beauty of the Golden State's golden sunsets. 


In our cache of California beach sunsets, as you look at our inventory you may notice ample yellows, gold and orange. These are the most prevalent summer colors at the beaches we attend to compile our California Travel Guide.

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