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Sunset Beach Surfin' Pancake Breakfast Poster


Sunset Beach--Sunset Beach Poster shown above advertises the annual pancake breakfast held in Sunset Beach, California. Sunset Beach is a beachfront community in Orange County's northern region, approximately 35 miles south of Los Angeles & LAX.  Not far from one of the world's busy ports, Port of Los Angeles, it also is located near the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station. Offshore activities include military ships, huge freighters from around the globe and pleasure craft leaving and entering the channel from Huntington Harbour to the Pacific Ocean.



All this activity in a great little town that stretches along the ocean about a mile north to south assures that residents are by no means tucked away in time and space. Still, they're a tight-knit group of community-concerned citizens who cherish their beaches, history, children, surfing, businesses and volunteer fire department. 



Pancake Breakfast is one of the events held throughout the year to promote friendship amongst neighbors, and to raise money for worthy causes ranging from equipment for the fire department to cultural trips and art classes for students.



Visitors are invited to join in the fun and volunteer, even.  But to buy your way into Sunset Beach, the entry fee is above $1 million for a modest beach shack currently.  $5 pancakes are a heck of a deal!