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FMX Bike Extreme Beach Riding



stunt bike riding



FMX Extreme Bike Beach Show is an annual event that occurs on the Orange County's Huntington Beach.


The riders generally come from California.

They ride up a huge rubber ramp on their specialized, motorized bikes and perform all sorts of stunt tricks. Some even turn completely upside down while flying through the air, then releasing their hands and feet from the bike as seen in the picture above.  It's an extremely exciting show to watch. This event usually occurs in conjunction with the US Open of Surfing.

BMX Trick: Whiplash ...more tricks

This trick is the same as the tailwhip, except you place your right foot on your left pedal, and your left foot on your left-front peg. This trick is basically a rolling (no brakes) version of the tailwhip using your front pegs. Lunge forward to bring the rear wheel off the ground. Next, use your right foot to kick the rear end of the bike around. Then, take your right foot and place it on the right-front peg and lift your left foot to a position where it can easily grab the rear end of the bike when it whips around. When the rear end swings back around to you, place your left foot on the top tube. Once both wheels are on the ground and you are balanced out, put your feet back on the pedals and ride on.