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National Steinbeck Center

One Main Street, Salinas, CA (831) 796-3833 

Growing Up East of Eden   

Explore John Steinbeckk's childhood history in Oldtown Salinas. Feel the cool air from the lettuce box car, see James Dean in East of Eden film clips and crank the handle on a 1917 Model T. 

Art and Art of Writing Room 
Explore Steinbeck's books on CD-ROM and see artifacts from the museum collection. Reveal your own creative abilities through poetry, quotations and other word-play activities.

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Adventures on Land and Sea 
Trace the journey from Log from the Sea of Cortez, smell magrove flowers and stroll the Mexican Plaza from The Pearl.  Viva Zapata! and Steinbeck's words are on view in the Mexican theater.  Learn about Steinbeck's wartime writings and travels through Russia and Europe. 
Steinbeck's America  

Hear Steinbeck's Nobel prize acceptance speech amidst vintage photographs.  Explore the replica writing studio from his home on Long Island and peer inside Rocinante, the actual camper that Steinbeck wrote about in Travels with Charley. 

© Steinbeck Center Collection


Photos © Debbie Stock

An' Live off the Fatta the Lan' 
Learn how to do farm chores as Jody did in the Red Pony barn, watch Of Mice and Men and touch clothing and tools from the characters' lives in the bunkhouse. 

Grapes of Wrath 
Read about depression conditions, try your hand at washing laundry and see excerpts from the movie, with Henry Fonda playing Tom Joad. 

Cannery Row 
Smell the sardines at a Monterey cannery and look at marine specimens through a microscope in Ed Doc Ricketts marine science lab. See clips from the movie Cannery Row and the boiler pipe family from Sweet Thursday.