California Sports and Outdoors

Top California Sports and Outdoors Directory Categories

Beach California has a superb directory of sports and outdoors related businesses in California. If you live in Norcal or Socal or are lucky enough to be visiting for any reason, personal or business-related, you might still have time for sports or some fun outdoor recreation. We’ll try to help you figure out your sporty options.

Want to get fit, get fitter, or stay fit while traveling the Golden State? We have directories of health clubs (including chains like 24 Hour Fitness and the local workout and athletic clubs), fitness centers, gymnasiums, health clubs, day spas and beauty spas, and private health and sports clubs of all specialties (swim, fitness, tennis, golf, and much more). We also have companies with people and tools to inspire and instruct in fitness. These include personal fitness trainers, physical fitness consultants, and exercise program specialists.

If you want to play sports we have listings of golf courses, golf resorts, miniature golf putting courses, golf driving ranges, tennis and racquet court facilities, swimming pools, batting cages, play fields, playgrounds, and even bowling alleys (very fun but won’t help your fitness level!). If you want to watch or play team sports we have baseball field parks, basketball court arenas, football field stadiums, soccer fields, hockey rinks, and much more.

For the sportsman and sportswoman we have listings of fishing and hunting places and guides throughout Northern and Southern California. In this section you’ll find guide services (including fly-fishing), deep sea fishing charters, hunting and fishing preserves (including lakes and ponds), gun ranges, trap skeet and clay ranges, and stores with all you need from bait and tackle to targets and ammo.

Here’s a quick list of other ideas of fun things to do in California that you’ll find in this Sports and Outdoors directory: bike rentals, canoe and kayak rentals, SCUBA, hot air balloons, skydiving, river rafting companies, picnic grounds, skating rinks, archery, bowling, billiard halls, bingo, race tracks, recreation centers, and have you ever played paintball – we have places for that too.