South Tahoe Express Bus from Reno to South Lake Tahoe


South Lake Tahoe Bus - Amador Lines

Reno to South Lake Tahoe /  South Lake Tahoe to Reno


Millions of Californians don't know how to drive in the snow or are ill-prepared to trek up the mountains on slippery, wet roads during the winter months when they seek enjoyment at South Lake Tahoe, a winter or summer resort destination. Not only does this mountain resort offer fabulous skiing, shopping and dining, it also is on the Nevada State border where a network of tunnels stretch under the street to the casinos of Harrah's and Harvey's.


On a recent winter trip our group enjoyed countless days of snow with powder conditions that could only be described as heavenly. But not all of us skied on this particular vacation getaway. Some came to gamble.  What's awesome about this vacation are the buses that travel all day long from Reno Airport to South Lake Tahoe.  How easy can life be? The buses travel the circuit of major hotels in South Lake Tahoe (we chose the Embassy Suites on the California side), and pick you up at the door of your hotel, dropping you off at the airport of choice.  Airport & South Lake Tahoe Resort Casinos are easily accessible on over 10 daily departures each way with service to Caesars, Embassy Suites, Harrah's, Harveys, Horizon, & Lakeside Inn.


The ride to and from South Lake Tahoe is enjoyable and affordable.  You can relax and watch the beautiful scenery both in the summer and winter, read a book or chat with friends.  Whatever the season, this bus transportation removes all excuses for exploring California's mountain resorts.


As of this posting, the round-trip ticket from the airport to South Lake Tahoe is well under $50.  To plan your vacation to South Lake Tahoe via an airport bus, visit