One Fullerton firm is very busy, designing and building skate parks. Below is some of the information posted about their activities. The dates are a bit old but it will provide you with some information if you're looking for a skate park to try out. 
    The City of Bell Gardens, California’s project moved right along on a “fast track”with great support from the Community Services Department, City staff and the City Council.  The 12,000 square foot facility opened in the early 2000.  

    The City of Brea, California, has a 9,500 square foot skate park that is under construction and should be completed by summer 2000..  
    The City of Dublin, California’s skate park, while park of a new park project, opened spring 2000, to the delight of local skaters. The skate park is 13,500 square feet in size. 

    Construction of the skate park in the City of Irvine, California is well under way, with the rains causing some delays. This 8,500 square foot facility is laid out in a very nice sports park.  Completion will be by Spring 2000.  

    Long Beach, California skate park is under construction. This is a great layout of a 13,000 square foot facility with lots of public input. The project is scheduled for a summer 2000 opening.  

    The City of Lynwood, California inaugurated its skate park in early 2000 to a very large crowd at the opening day ceremonies. The skate park, while rather tight, offers 7,500 square feet and has a balance between street and transition skating.  

    The City of Palm Desert, California had its grand opening for its skate park in the fall of 1999 to a cast of hundreds. This 15,000 square footfacility is the first in the desert community.  The skate park offers great street skating with a big snake run with a bowl at each end.  

    The City of Paso Robles, California’s skate park’s construction is under way.  This is a 10,000 square foot facility with a completion date of summer 2000.  The City has a great group of skaters to work with who are eagerly waiting for the grand opening.  

    The skate project in the City of San Clemente, California is finally under way.  It includes a 12,600 square foot skate park, addition to an existing parking lot and new restroom building.  Great layout and nice size, but somewhat of a remote site.  Project is scheduled for a summer 2000 opening.  

    The City of San Ramon, California, long awaited skate park opening finally occurred in the spring of 2000.  This 13,000 square foot facility fit snuggly into an existing park site.  

    The construction of the skate park for the City of Santa Barbara, California proved to be a  challenge to get all the permits and work with the Historic Committee.  This 15,000 square foot facility, located next to the beach, will prove to be one of the greats.  Lot of input from the guys at Maple and Shorty’s.  The park is under construction with a summer 2000 opening planned.  (see link below)


    Santana Park and Glenwood Park, City of Corona, California: Boy, is Corona busy and doing a great job responding to the needs of the youth in its community.  Construction documents have been submitted to the City for plan check.  Santana Skate Park is planned to be 8,500 square feet in size, while Glenwood Skate Park is planned to be 7,500 square feet in size.  

    Brawley, California: We have just been given the green light to proceed with the preparation of construction documents for this 16,000 square foot facility.  This project is planned to be built in phases based on funding.  

    Fullerton, California skate park - Bids have been received for this 10,000 square foot facility and will be going to City Council for apporval in the near future.  The City is hopping for a late summer 2000 opening.  

    Cerritos, California:  This park  is out to bid, and the City is looking for a summer 2000 opening.  This 13,000 square foot skate park is really a great layout and will prove to be very  successful 

S k a te U p d a t e
The following projects have been completed:  
Murdy Park, Huntington Beach, 1993  
Huntington Beach High School, 1994 
Modesto, California, 1998 
Palmdale, California, 1998  
Claremont, California, 1998 
Rancho Cucamonga, California, 1998  
Santee, California, 1998 
Vista, California, 1999 
San Dimas, California 1999 
Projects in plan check or out to bid: 
Ridgecrest, California  
El Cajon, California  
Westminister, California  
Brawley, California  
Corona #3, Corona  
Fairfield, California  
Whittier, California  
Rialto, California  
Roseville, California  
Merced, California 1999  
Mission Viejo, California 1999  
Corona #1, California 1999 
Palm Desert, California 1999 
Visalia, Calfornia, 1999 
San Ramon, California  2000
Projects in construction document stage:   
Laguna Niguel, California  
Piedmont, California   
Bellflower, California  
Chino Hills, California 
Palm Desert #2, California  
Lynwood, California, 2000 
Dublin, California 2000 
Bell Gardens, Calfornia, 2000 
Irvine, California 2000  
Projects under construction:   
Brea, Calfornia  
Cerritos, California 
Projects in the design phase:   
Yorba Linda, California 
San Diego, California  
Solvang, California  
Cypress, California  
Costa Mesa, California 
Paso Robles, California  
Long Beach, California 
San Clemente, California  
Santa Barbara, California  
Corona #2, Calfornia 
Fullerton, California 
Diamond Bar, California
Projects in the feasibility study phase:   
Glendale, California  
Santee#2, Calfornia  
Venice Beach, California  
Walnut, California  
Pomona, California 
Newport Beach, Calfornia 
Los Angeles, California  New projects coming up:  
Julian, California  
South Pasadena, California  
Stanton, Calfornia  
Murrieta, California  
Paramount, California 
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