san jose highway interchange picture
picture of freeways in San Jose, CA


San Jose Information Super Highway

SAN JOSE  --When an SEO conference is held on the West Coast, what's the obvious choice to host this event?  Ah, San Jose? 


Pictured above is a series of interchanges in San Jose, California freeways, what youu'll see when arriving by jet to attend conferences, visit family, work or just have a vacation. This amazing network of concrete and cement roads is analogous to the backbone of San Jose's economy in the high tech sectors.



When you book a hotel room at the San Jose Convention Center, for instance, your room or suite may overlook office buildings with corporate headquarters such as Adobe.  Or as you lie in your bed at night at the Hilton or Marriott, your 10th story room could offer a view of another large complex of buildings that contain the Tech Museum.



This tech focus and high-tech thinking surrounds you in San Jose, though like any place, with around 1 million population, you'll discover a broad spectrum of people, cultures and industries.



According to a recent study from AeA, the nation’s largest trade association, San Jose/Silicon Valley is California's largest technology hub. Not only do workers in high-tech industries garner the highest annual average wages of all California cyber-cities (around $127,000), this employment leader in 8 of 16 high-tech sectors, shines in semiconductor manufacturing.



Silicon Valley, which has become synonymous with San Jose, was coined in the early 1970's by a reporter as the region originally became known as a design and manufacturing region for silicon chips, integrated circuits, miniaturized electronics consisting mainly of semiconductor devices.