Lampscapes, a White River Junction, Vermont Tradition


 Lampscapes, 77 Gates Street, White River Junction, Vermont 05001. TEL: 802-295-8044


When living near the beach in California, some days you'd just like to snap your fingers and be somewhere else. Not because life isn't beautiful--but because there are so many fantastic places to explore. If I could snap my fingers now, I'd visit the Lampscapes shop in White River Junction, Vermont, where Blaisdell makes custom lamp shades all day long.

His shop is in a red brick building lined with stores, and the shop itself looks more like an artist's studio than your traditional Lamp Shades Plus, mainly because this is Ken's shop where he creates masterpieces by hand.


Who said there are no custom crafted goods sold in the U.S.? Vermont is one state to prove you wrong, and the craftsmanship on wood furniture, woolens, glassware and home decor is worth the extra expense, because the practices are sound, the merchants are hard American workers, and their products are unique.


Lampscapes is next to many tourist hotspots. Be sure to check out great restaurants like the Tip Top and The Polka Dot Diner. Lampscapes is housed in the historic Hotel Coolidge. For nightlife, Northern Stage, a professional acting company, performs around the block in the theater.





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