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Top California Shopping, Stores, and Malls Directory Categories

The Beach California Shopping Directory has nearly every type of store, shop, and mall you can imagine from outlet malls and discount stores to the high-end Rodeo Drive shops. Here is an overview of the shopping ideas you have to choose from.

For fun shopping we have sections on antiques, gift shops, arts and crafts, hobby and models, collectibles, costume shops, toy and game stores, and even good old “variety stores.” Perhaps even more fun for true shopping or just for window shopping we have stores with jewelry, clothing and accessories, shoes and boots, home décor and houseware, and every mall and shopping center in Northern and Southern California!

Our electronics section is extensive with sections on audio and video, phones, computers, printers and copiers, sound systems, televisions, home entertainment, batteries, and other equipment and electronics-related service companies.

If you are looking for big ticket items our Shopping Directory has sections on car and truck dealers, motorcycle and scooter stores, bike shops, and even boat dealers. Sorry, we don’t have any “airplane stores” (yet!).

If you are looking for small ticket items we have sections on discount stores, outlets, dollar stores, consignment shops, vintage clothing, used goods, estate sales, flea markets, thrift stores, military surplus, salvage specialists, and even pawn shops.

For your creative and athletic sides we have musical instrument stores and sporting goods stores too. Maybe the most popular stores around are bookstores and we have many of those too.

There are of course the utilitarian shops for you Californians and Cali travelers. These stores include grocery stores, hardware stores, nurseries and garden centers, liquor stores (but you can get beer, wine and liquor at almost any grocery and convenience store in CA), pharmacies, flower shops, and even places to buy music or rent videos. For your furry (or feathered) traveling companion we have a section on pet shops and related services and supply stores.