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Shasta, California Photos, Information and Map

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Shasta SHP State Historic Park

Six miles west of Redding travelers will discover an incredible surprise--a row of brick buildings clearly showing the weathering and a lifetime of better days. They stand as reminders of time passing, and as motorists look at the road sign that announces Shasta City, they'll want to stop and look around. Open during the daylight hours most days, tourists will discover that this is indeed a place to check out. There's a "bakery", a "jail", and a museum that houses a collection of photos, books and items from an era gone by, dating back to the late 1800's and early 1900's.


Shasta was once known as the lusty "Queen City" of California’s northern mining district.  These ruins and some of the nearby roads, cottages, and cemeteries are all silent but eloquent vestiges of the intense activity that was centered here during the California gold rush.

Iron shutters still swing on massive, old, iron hinges before the doors and windows of grass-filled, roofless buildings that once were crowded with merchandise, and alive with the human sounds of business, trade, and social endeavor.

The County Courthouse is restored to its 1861 appearance, the year when it was converted from commercial uses to become the Shasta County Courthouse. Today the building is filled with historical exhibits, and an unparalleled collection of historic California Artwork that make it the central figure of Shasta State Historic Park. The park is six miles west of downtown Redding. Highway 299 passes through the town’s main street.


There's so much to see and do when visiting Redding. There are lakes, dams, houseboating, caves, hiking, beautiful drives and many museums, in addition to the Sundial Bridge. But one of our favorite visits and road stops was to this California State Historic Park. It's hard to put a finger on why it feels so special, but it has a soul, and holds many spirits of the past with its very existence. Some historic spots feel like they've been removed of their true character and the era in which they were established. Shasta is authentic and though it is small, we highly recommend you drive outside the city to see the complex. Or better yet, take a pleasant drive from Redding to the California coastal destination of Eureka.

It's one of the most beautiful, inspiring trips through dark roads lined with towering redwoods that filter the light of the sun as it barely reaches the ground.