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Lake Shasta Caverns in O'Brien California -  Shasta County California
shasta caverns


Tourists looking for some real excitement and a great California cave getaway adventure should consider visiting the Lake Shasta Caverns, first known as Chalk Cave. The cavern attraction is located along Lake Shasta in Northern California north of Redding. This California Kids Vacation "must see" is ideal for children around the age of 10 and up because there are lots of stairs to climb and younger children tend to wear out. There are many fantastic natural wonders in the rugged, beautiful Shasta-Cascade region and the cave tour is a perfect way to round out a fun-filled trip in which you can stand at a spectacular waterfalls, tour the Shasta Dam, look at mudpots from an active volcano in the pristine forests of Lassen Volcanic National Park and get free kayak lessons at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. This tour takes you both in and outdoors, so on the Lake Shasta Caverns tour, you may experience a drop of over 30 degrees from the heated 90-degree summer temperatures outside.


Lake Shasta Caverns tour station is located in the region called O'Brien.  The tour that's billed as the 3-in-1 bonus excursion begins with a Catamaran boat ride across Shasta Lake, a hop aboard a bus up a steep mountain incline and finally a spectacular tour with large amounts of climbing. It's worth the effort to see the 200 million-year-old tiny cave coral, cave drapery, flow stone, stalagmites, stalactites, and columns on this flashlight tour.


For the price of admission which is usually less the $25, you receive an informative tour describing the history of the formations and many stops at landing spots where something quite special is discussed.  First off, you are advised not to touch the formations. They are living columns or entities that do not respond well to human touch. People have oils on their skin that stunts the growth of the formations and can kill them.


Taking photos in the cave requires a decent flash unit. Without a flash, your photos will be almost black.  The eyes adjust, however and can perceive the colors of the growth, appearing mostly in oranges, yellows, browns and tans. It's hard to show the scope of the objects so you need to back up when taking photos in the caves. There are many surprises and a grand finale ending in a spacious area with bench seating that allows guests to sit and look at the grandeur of one special display. But the tour's not over, as you leave the cave and hop back on a bus that goes down a steep incline to the docks. There your Catamaran awaits for a boat trip back to your car on the other side of the lake. 


Opened to the public in 1964, the Caverns are on privately owned land but the land used for access roads, parking, reception centers, and boat docks is under a U.S. Government lease through the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.


Lake Shasta Caverns, 20359 Shasta Caverns Road, O'Brien, CA 96070 Call: 1-800-795-CAVE