Seal Beach Female Surfer Catches a Wave




If crabs and barracudas are sea creatures, then the spots you surf might as well be named after them.  Seal Beach River Jetty is located at the north end of Ocean Avenue at the last parking lot to the beach before the street dead ends. From this surfing vantage point you can see the Alamitos Bay and marina. Crabs is the surfing spot to the left of these rocks pictured and Barracuda is to the right. 


How to get there? Head from Pacific Coast Highway down Main Street in Seal Beach. Take a right at the end where the road meets Ocean Ave. and the Seal Beach Pier just a few blocks away. Drive down Ocean a few block till it dead-ends at a stop sign. Turn left into the parking lot, and find a place to park. Then head for the beach. You'll usually see the surfers near the river jetty.