Seal Beach Newspaper 100-Year Old Advertisement

Try Seal Beach for a summer vacation and get a smile like one of these that won't come off. Try Seal Beach this summer for a vacation that pays a dividend.
Try Seal Beach this summer for an investment that is guaranteed by two of the most powerful things in the world—the scarcity of beach property and the growth of Los Angeles—65,000 new residents each year.

Seal Beach is 4 miles east of Long Beach. Forty-four minutes from Los Angeles.
Has the choice of two electric car lines.

Regular Newport car on every hour and Seal Beach-Long Beach cars connecting with Long Beach and Los Angeles cars.

Growing like a weed and sturdy as an oak.
Nearly 1000 people have bought there within the year.
Upwards of $1,000,000 going into improvements.
Big Lots Near Salt Water $500
10 per cent cash—balance to suit you.

Seal Beach has two great still water bays and a mile and a quarter of surf without an undertow.

Prove it for yourself Sunday.
Round Trip 25 Cents Sunday Only
Special train leave P.E. Station, 6th and Main Streets, Gate 10, at 10 o'clock Sunday morning. If you miss this train take any regular Newport car. Get off at Anaheim Landing Stop; present return tickets and received 25 cents for every ticket presented. No refund on tickets after 2 p.m.
Guy M. Rush Company, 901-5 Story Building
P.S.—Office open Saturday evenings.