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Lady Sculpture Installation Huntington Beach California

Huntington Beach sculpture

lady sculpture

Dancing Lady 1977 Bronze Sculpture by  Margaret Inez Owings

Location:   Central Library, 7111 Talbert, Huntington Beach, CA


Lady by Margaret Inez Owings at Huntington Beachh's Central Library has long been a fixture near the entrance to the public library, designed by the Neutra collaborative team.


Powerfully watching over the parked cars in the lot, Lady has weathered the elements very well for her years of service to this location. Never out of style, the lady wears no clothing, and her appendages, arms and legs are not bound by hands or feet. With face to the sky, Lady always seems to be above things. A similar sculpture in Laguna Beach is located at Treasure Island Beach. Of course she stands taller than life, and her muscles seem to hold form and shape.


While Lady was created and installed several decades past, a newer work overlooking the ocean in Laguna Beach is somewhat similar in style to Lady, proving the timeless quality of this unique, one-of-a-kind work that thankfully offers something more than commercial themes of surfing so prominent in the popular art that exists in Huntington Beach today.


Huntington Beach Library map - Lady sculpture