Santa Cruz Beach BoardWalk - Theme Parks California



Santa Cruz, CA-- Beach BoardWalk in Santa Cruz is one of the great amusement and theme parks in the United States and one of the top visitor theme park attractions in California.



Unveiled during the Golden Days in which people around the world began to enjoy electricity and all the sizzling, scintillating thrills it could provide, Santa Cruz was one of many seaside theme parks in the United States that made use of electricity in electrifying ways. In California, amusements were built in various cities along the coast from Northern California to the Mexico border. This was the era in which land developers needed a hook to get folks to go to the beach with the hope that they would eventually buy property nearby. As America entered the 20th Century, prohibition became cause for an underground of activities to create a steady supply of liquor for thirsty imbibers. 



The offshore boats sometimes offered gambling along with bootleg alcoholic drinks, plus pleasure. Rum runners along the coast brought their illegal bootie to shore in the dark of night, often near the great pleasure piers and amusements.


Only two of the great amusement parks from those early days remain--Santa Cruz Beach BoardWalk and Belmont Park in San Diego.