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San Jose, CA--The Tech Museum in San Jose, California is a hands-on technology museum devoted to inspiring the innovator in everyone. Located in downtown San Jose, directly across the street from the Convention Center, it is open to the public daily. Features include special and permanent exhibits (most are hands on and participatory), a wonderful gift shop where unique items such as a robot cookie jar may be purchased and the Imax Theatre where films come to life though a special screen, advanced sound system and inclined cushioned seats. So popular is Imax that seats are often sold out. 


For fans of the museum who recall its opening over a decade ago, you'll be glad to know a robot which has greeted hundreds of thousands of people is still there, talking away.  Even adults are sometimes amazed and ask how the robots speaks interactively to them. All I can see is keep your eyes wide open and you'll usually figure it out.


Exhibits have includedd:


Communication: Global Connections Make a movie in The Digital Studio. Use the latest tricks in animation. Experience how the Internet, television and  other communication technologies have made it a small  world after all.


Exploration: New Frontiers Shake in an earthquake, see under the sea, and use the  gadgets that take us to places we have only been able to imagine.


Innovation: Silicon Valley and Beyond  Become a Silicon Valley-style innovator. Use the inventions that made the area world-famous to design your own roller coaster, build a microchip, and get a futuristic self-portrait with a 3-D laser scanner.


Life Tech: The Human Machine Experience the "how" of machines that keep us alive and explore technologies which enhance human performance. Ponder the debate about the applications and ethics in biotechnology.


The Spirit of American Innovation: Innovation and Commercialization for a Global Society  Learn more about The National Medal of Technology and  the laureates who have received it! The Tech's newest  permanent exhibit is now open in the building and online. 


Center of the Edge: Traveling Exhibits A fusion of art and science from Interval Research open  our new changing exhibit space, which showcases state-of-the-art, experimental technologies.


The Tech is open daily 10-5.  Prices are $10 and up for the gallery admission plus two Imax showings (subject to change).


*Prices are subject to change without notice- please call first for operating hours and admission prices.  Please visit their official web site for information and updates at